Different types of Pokies

Pokies is one of the most popular games in the casino with banks of pokies machines in land-based casinos and often more than half the casino games suite being pokies games in online pokies. As pokies become even more popular more types of pokies games are becoming available.

Progressive Pokies

Many people are familiar with progressive pokies games. In progressive pokies games, if you bet with the maximum number of coins and the highest combination of symbols is spun, you win a jackpot amount. There are different types of progressive games. Individual (or stand alone) progressive machines accumulate a jackpot from a percentage of the coins that are inserted into that machine. A linked (or in-house) progressive machine is a machine whose jackpot is linked to other machines in the casino on in casinos owned by the same gaming company. Multi location (or wide area) progressives are progressive machines that are linked to other machines in unrelated casinos making the potential jackpots from these machines huge.

Multiple Payline Pokies

Pokies machines no longer only have one payline or line of play. The more you bet, the more lines of play become available meaning that the player has more chances of a winning combination coming up in a payline and therefore more chances to win. These days you can play 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 20 or even 25 paylines in one game. If you play 3 lines, the middle, top and bottom lines will be activated and if you bet with the maximum number of coins, you will win if a winning combination lands on any of the three lines.

Wild Card Pokies

Some pokies games include wild symbols on their reels. These wild symbols can be used in place of a regular symbol to help you complete a winning combination and can therefore increase your chances of winning.

Multiplier Pokies

When playing multiplier pokies, your winning amount is dependant on the number of coins that you are playing with. If you hit a winning combination with one coin, you may be paid out $10, but if you were playing with three coins, the payout would be multiplied by three, meaning that you win $30.

Bonus Multiplier Pokies

Bonus multiplier pokies are played in much the same way as multiplier pokies except for the addition of a bonus amount. The winning payouts that you receive are based on the number of coins that you play with, but if you play with the maximum number of coins and hit a winning combination, you will be paid out the payout for that combination plus a bonus amount.

Buy-A-Pay Pokies

This type of pokies game allows you to buy the symbols that you want to match. For example if the machine has the symbols hearts, diamonds and spades, you can pay one coin for the machine to payout only the on hearts, two coins for it to pay out on the hearts and the diamonds or three coins for it to payout on the hearts, diamonds and spades. Buy-a-pay pokies is only really worthwhile if you plan to play the maximum number of coins.

Bonus Game Pokies

These pokies games award free spins or bonus rounds when you hit a specific combination. This allows you to win extra bonus credits or increase the number of spins you can play with thereby increasing your chances of hitting a winning combination.

Real Series Pokies

Real Series Pokies are pokies games that were developed by the Real Time Gaming (RTG) software provider and are exclusive to RTG casinos. These pokies games boast particularly colorful and realistic graphics with many bonus features, such as bonus rounds, free spins and random progressive jackpots.

Megaspin Pokies Games

These games allow you to play multiple pokies games of the same type at one go. This increases your chances of winning as a greater number of reels are spinning at once.


I-pokies or interactive pokies are unique to Rival software and they have taken the pokies world by storm. These pokies games are a combination of video pokies and video clips with a story that unfolds and characters that you are introduced to as you play. The game evolves depending on how you play meaning that you can affect the outcome and each time you play will be a unique gaming experience.

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