Pokies Tournaments

Pokies tournaments are an exciting way to play your favorite pokies games. Pokies tournaments are readily available both online and land-based making it easy to find the tournament to suit you. Whether you are looking for a free tournament or one with a guaranteed prize at the end, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Advantages of Playing in Pokies Tournaments

Many people prefer to play in pokies tournaments than to play regular pokies on their own. Some play in tournaments for the added excitement – for those with a competitive streak, it is always fun to try to win. Some play for the social aspect of knowing you are playing with others. As pokies do not require any level of skill due to the randomness of the game, all players begin on a level playing field - everyone starts with a chance at the big money. Many people play in pokies tournaments as a way to control their bankroll. Once you have paid the buy-in fee there will be no more costs involved meaning that you know exactly how much you are going to potentially lose before you start to play.

How to Play Land-Based Pokies Tournaments

Each player pays the buy-in fee for the tournament and is given a pokie machine number and session time. When your session time comes up you find your machine and begin to play with the credits that have been assigned to you. Every player will be given the same number of credits and same amount of time with which to play.

As you play, credits will be deducted from your total. Your winning credits will be listed separately and they may not be used to play. At the end of your session time the machine will shut down and all remaining credits will be lost. An official will record your results and the next session will begin. At the end of the tournament, your total number of winning credits will be compared to the other contestants' totals and the player with the highest number of winning credits will win the tournament.

How to Play Online Pokies Tournaments

Pokies tournaments are easily available on the internet and many online casinos offer a number of different kinds of pokies tournaments to their patrons. Online pokies tournaments are played in much the same way as land-based tournaments, except that you are playing online and not at a physical pokie machine. Players are assigned a certain number of credits and a time limit. All players are assigned the same amounts and the same type of machine to ensure fairness. Once your playing time is complete, the machine will lock, you will lose any unused credits and your winning credits will be recorded and compared to the other contestants.

Pokies Tournament Playing Technique

As pokies is a random game that does not require any skill there are no strategies that can be learned to help you to improve your game play. However, there are some tips that are worthwhile to increase your chances. Due to the fact that there is a time limit set on your play and all unused credits are lost at the end of that time limit, it is important to play as fast as possible. The faster you play the more chances you will get to spin and therefore the more chances you will get to win. Many players continuously tap the spin button on a land-based machine or hold the spin button down on an online machine, only pausing for winning credits to be paid. Be aware that when winning credits are being paid, the reels cannot be spun.

Types of Pokies Tournaments

An invitational tournament, as the name implies, is by invitation only. This is a special pokies tournament that is offered to specific players (such as high rollers or loyalty members) by an online casino. Typically, these tournaments are free to enter. Most commonly, pokies tournaments that are open to the public have an entry fee or buy-in attached to it. You pay to enter and to play for a share in the prize money. Prize money can be quite attractive at these tournaments. Most online casinos also offer free roll pokies tournaments. These are tournaments with no buy-in fee.

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