Fruit Machines

Quite simply, fruit machines are the name given to slot machines in the UK. While slot machines these days feature many symbols other than fruit, the name does bear some historical significance.

History of the Fruit Machine

One of the early slot machines in the late 1890s featured pictures of fruit as the symbols on the reels. These symbols represented the flavors of fruit-flavored chewing gum that the machine gave out as winnings for the game. Commonly on these reels one could find symbols of cherries or melons – symbols that have become somewhat synonymous with slot machines. These machines that paid out prizes in the form of food were created in an effort to avoid anti-gambling laws that existed in a number of states in the US.

Features of the Fruit Machine

Fruit machines are really slot machines, as they are known in the US or poker machines, as they are known in Australia. In general, the fruit machines are just the name the given to the same slot machine as we are already familiar with. However, UK fruit machines may offer some features and functions that their US slot machine counterparts do not offer. These features may include a nudge feature or a hold feature that are especially designed to help you win. These features require a certain amount of skill and strategy so that you can use them to help you achieve winning fruit combinations. Fruit machines today sport all sorts of unique symbols to fit with a huge variety of themes.

Where to Find Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are popular throughout the UK. In fact, their popularity is growing with the increasing accessibility of the Internet. As more people have the Internet at home, online casino gambling is becoming more popular. Now, those who are interested in a bit of gambling entertainment do not need to go all the way to a land-based casino to play a game of slots. Now, people have access to casino and fruit machines from the comfort of their own homes. Online casinos recognize that fruit machines are one of the most popular gambling games available. While they used to be used as a distraction for wives or girlfriends while their men gambled seriously, now amateur and professional gamblers alike are enjoying the benefits of the fruit machines. Fruit machines often make up more than half of the games suite of online casinos and there are enough to choose from that there should be something to suit everyone.

Enjoying the Fruit Machine

Fruit machines come in a huge variety of themes and games. Before you begin to play you must choose the machine that suits and appeals to you. Choose the type of fruit machine game that you want to play, for example decide if you want to play a regular game or a progressive game. You should also look at the features and functions that the fruit machine game offers. Are there bonus rounds, free spins, wild symbols, a hold or nudge option or more? What coin denomination does the fruit machine accept? You must make sure to play on a machine that suits your bankroll. The further you can stretch your bankroll – in other words, the longer you play for – the more often you will be able to spin the reels and the more chances you will have of landing on a winning combination. Also look at the theme of the machine. Do the graphics and sounds appeal to you? The more you will enjoy the theme of the machine, the more it will help you to enjoy the game that you are playing.

Most online casinos also offer free fruit machine games. These may be in the form of free play in fun mode when you first sign up or as promotions once you are already a real money player. Playing fruit machines for free is always a good way to increase your bankroll and stretch your enjoyment. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the free games before you begin to check whether you can keep the winnings from your games or not and whether there is a time limit or a spin limit on your free play

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