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Pokies have been around for decades and decades. It is commonly assumed that the first slot machines were invented and presented to the public in California, USA in 1887. To say the least the concept was well received by the gamblers and machines spread around the world. In recent time, the popularity of the game of pokies has been even faster rising and slots is now considered one of the most beloved games at the casino.

The ever so popular traditional slot machine has gotten competition from its offspring, the online slots machines. All online casinos with a decent suite of games offered must have at least a couple of or more slots games to play. But apart from the obvious, physical differences between slots on the traditional land based casinos and the newer online slots, maybe the differences are not that big after all. Both types of slots offer a true cornucopia of sounds and colors, making the games fun to play. Both traditional slots and online slots almost guarantee to bring the player excitement along when gambling.

Traditional Pokies Compared To Newer Ones

One might think that the newer online pokies were far more sophisticated in terms of management and steering of payouts. But both types of slots games are controlled by digital technology and are as such not as different as suspected. Some land-based casinos still use the old-style slots with rotating wheels, although these are only rarely seen nowadays and are considered more like vintage curiosums. The majority of traditional slots machines today are released to use the digital versions, making the traditional just as safe and well controlled as the online versions that of course also guarantee total randomness and fair gaming.

On difference however is obvious! When you play online slots, you will never experience the atmosphere of the traditional brick-and-mortar casino with all its sounds, light and impressions. A traditional casino is a festive place to stay, and this sentiment is obviously great to be part of. If you however just want to dispel a few hours and relax by playing slots, it is an advantage that you can just turn on the computer and play from home. The pros and cons of online gaming and visiting a traditional land based casino can always be discussed.

Pokie Payout Percentage

The most important difference of pokies in traditional casinos and pokies when playing online casinos is that the pokies at online casinos often offer a higher payout percentage. Since the online casinos do not have the costs of expensive staff and high profiled buildings at the right locations, the online casino can actually pay back a little more to the customers than their land based counterparts. That is why payback rates are normally a bit higher at the online casinos. The difference in payout rates is never the less not something to choose whether to play online or not. You should always choose to play at your preferred place to have most fun - as playing at the casino is all about having a good time!

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