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Pokies is a random game that is commanded by a random number generator. It does not require any skill and in fact, does require a certain amount of luck. Pokies were originally introduced into casinos as a distraction for wives and girlfriends while their men played the real gambling games. Today, pokies have become far more popular and are enjoyed by professional and amateur gamblers alike. Despite the randomness of the game, there are those who swear by certain strategies and here we will discuss some of the theories.

Baby Steps Strategy

The baby steps strategy is a simple, structured and staggered approach to gambling. The aim of the strategy is to slowly increase your bet until you are eventually betting with the maximum amount of coins. The theory of the strategy suggests that players generally do not leave a hot machine, therefore when you start at a pokie machine, the machine will be cold. You start by betting the minimum number of coins and warm the machine up slowly so that by the time you are betting with the maximum amount, the machine will be hot. Even if the machine is not hot when you get to your maximum bets, you will not have lost a large amount of money and you can begin from the beginning of your sequence again. If you reach your naked pull or loss limits, you should end your session regardless of where in the sequence you are.

An example of the baby steps strategy: 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-5-5-5.

Ladder Strategy

The ladder strategy is a methodical approach to betting in which each bet is affected by the bet that came before it. Players begin by betting the middle number of coins. If you win a spin, you increase the number if coins you bet with by one. If you lose a spin, you decrease the number of coins you bet with by one. If you are betting with the maximum number of coins and win, you continue to bet with the maximum number until you lose. If you lose a spin three times in a row, you end your session. This strategy aims to allow players to win small amounts regularly and to quickly detect a cold machine without you losing too much.

Play and Run Strategy

The aim of the play and run strategy is to find a hot machine as quickly as possible. You must take your bankroll and divide it evenly between a specific number of machines. Then set your naked pull and loss limits. Set yourself a number of spins per machine. If you are up at the end of your spins, continue playing at that machine. If you are down after your pre-set number of spins then move on to your next machine. If you reach your naked pull or loss limit at any time, stop playing and move on. Always keep playing at a hot machine, cashing out at the end of your pre-set number of spins and playing again.

Shotgun Strategy

The aim of the shotgun strategy is to find a hot machine as quickly as possible and to limit your losses on a cold machine. Always set aside only 15 coins to play at each machine and have quick and easy access to a number of different machines. You always bet in the sequence 1-2-3-4-5, regardless of the outcome of your previous spin. The only variations come in that if you win a spin, you bet again with the same number of coins that you used to hit the win. In this way you can continue playing at a hot machine. Once you reach the maximum number of coins, you move on to the next machine.

Umbrella Strategy

The umbrella strategy requires that you slowly increase the number of coins that you bet with and then slowly decrease them again. The aim is to limit the amount of time that you bet with the maximum to limit the amount you can lose if the machine is not hot. The strategy pattern and length can be varied depending on your bankroll and the success of your play, as well as how aggressive or conservative your betting style is. If you reach your naked pull or loss limit, you must end your play and leave the machine.

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